You don't have to hustle & grind your way to success.
There's a better way... When you do Business With God...
You're Cut From A Different Cloth...
As a Christian Entrepreneur, you know success isn't about the lambo's, mansions or rolex's...

There's a bigger reason you're in business...
For you, it's not about HAVING... it's about GIVING.

You’re driven by a unique purpose: to go about your Father's business and fulfill your God-given potential… 
  •  Whether you're a COACH who loves to ask powerful questions...
  •  ... a CONSULTANT who loves providing the best answers...
  •  ... or a SERVICE-PROVIDER who creates extraordinary results...
You don't want to "hustle" your life (and integrity) away...

Instead, you want to build a business with God and further His kingdom here on Earth.
"There has to be a better way!"
If you've been having a hard time...
  •  Marketing yourself or your company (You don't want to be a sleaze)...
  •  Getting your message heard (and noticed all around the world)...
  •  Landing "Heck Yes" clients (that are high-paying and a joy to work with)...
  •  Creating an engaged audience around your live-streams, podcasts, blogs...
  •  Publishing Facebook Ad's that actually make you money...
You're not alone...
& there's hope.
Discover How To Do Business With God, Through His Grace, So You Can See Supernatural Results...
Procrastination, Distraction, and Insecurity has no place in a Kingdom Business. During our Accountability Calls, we will help you stay on track and aligned with your calling!
Prophetic Hot Seats
During our Monthly Prophetic Hot Seats, our members tune into the Holy Spirit and speak a word of knowledge, prophesy, and encouragement into your life.
Brainstorm Sessions
Struggling to come up with a new strategy, offer, or piece of content? You'll never run out of ideas during our monthly Brainstorm Sessions with fellow Christian Entrepreneurs...
Templates & Scripts
Access the experience, tools and resources from veteran faith-driven entrepreneurs to help you fast-track your learning curve.
Core Trainings
God has a blueprint for your life and business - access 200+ step-by-step video trainings to help you build an audience, get your message heard, and follow God's plan for your business.
Expert Classes
These classes are hosted by 6, 7, and 8-figure Christian entrepreneurs who are living out their purpose and are ready to take you to new levels.
Work Under Grace, Flow In Your Anointing & Further His Kingdom In The Marketplace...
By joining the Christian Entrepreneur Academy, you gain immediate access to over 200 video training lessons...
Discover your Spiritual Gifts & how to have an "Unfair Advantage" in the marketplace as you function in your god-given skills and ability. 

Favor is unfair. When you have favor, doors will be opened, relationships will be established, resources will be poured out, and lives will be changed forever.

As you mature in your ability to be spirit-led, your business growth will naturally explode. 
What if you were able to place all the stress, anxiety, and pressure of a business on someone else...? 

What if, instead of doing business alone, you started to do business WITH God?

Discover how to steward His vision for your business, and how to access Heavenly Resources.
You'll never create impact unless you truly have a TRANSFORMATIONAL SERVICE. Whether it's done-for-you or DIY, you can create an offer that HIGH-PAYING CLIENTS will do anything to get their hands on.

In this course, we're going to show you the 6 ADVANCED STRATEGIES to "add value" so you can RAISE YOUR PRICE, how to sell a story rather than a product, and what to include in your offer to truly make it "High-ticket."
In this 5-day challenge, you're going to learn how to BUILD AN OFFER, FIND CUSTOMERS, and MAKE A SALE. This isn't theory - every day, you're going to be pushed to take "massive action" so that YOU CAN LAND A CLIENT. This is not an "easy" challenge - but it will be worth it. (Maybe even to the tune of a 5-figure contract!)
Let me guess - you've spent some money on Facebook Ad's but you didn't make any money back? Maybe you got some likes and a comment or two, but it didn't land you any clients.

In this course, we took ONE OF OUR MEMBERS and DID HER ADS OURSELVES... Spoiler Alert: Because of the ads - HER PROGRAM SOLD OUT IN A WEEK! - And you get the exact strategy so you can too!
Imagine having a group of people that will buy anything you have to offer, watch every live-stream you publish, and like any comment you post...

In this course, you'll learn the SECRET GROWTH HACKS we discovered that grew our group from 20 people to over 4,000 (with 80% actively engaged!)
And even more...
*We're always adding NEW courses based on our members specific challenges - so you get exactly what you need!*
Just ONE of the trainings helped me go from having 2 people in my group coaching program to 15 in a single week!

- Emem Washington
"Something Happens When Believers In Business Lock Arms And Do Life Together..."
Entrepreneurship can be tough.
But it doesn't have to be.

Snarky Guru's who shame you if you disagree with their approach, or the hyper-competitive "sharks" who are ready to pounce and do whatever it takes to make a quick buck...

That's the world's way of doing business...
Instead, we've created a community that's focused on...

Collaboration (not competition),
on Purposeful Profit (not vanity points),
and Creating Impact (not just showing off paychecks.)
Isn't It Time You Started Seeing The
Move Of God In Your Business?
Connect with other Christian Entrepreneurs who've walked by Grace, seen the miraculous take place, and stayed obedient to their Marketplace Calling while seeing supernatural results in everything they do...
Wealth Building Using Proven Biblical Principles
by Jaime Cross, MIG Soap 
How To Be A Kingdom-Driven Entrepreneur... 
by Shae Bynes, KDE
Kingdom Finances for Entrepreneurs by Pedro Adao, 100x Academy
The Foundations of A Radically Successful Business by Brad Martineau, Sixth Division
Your Missing 80% of Your Leads... by Marcus Murphy, Digital Marketer
Automated Business: Building A Business That Runs On Its Own  
by Brady Shearer, Pro Church Tools
Build Profitable FB Ad Campaigns From Day 1  
by Daniel Veiga, Entrepreneur Hustle
How to have THOUSANDS of LIVE viewers on your Streams  
by Molly Mahoney, The Prepared Performer
How to use Video to Generate Leads and Get Wildly Known
by Marley Baird, Marley Baird Media
10 Best Markets To Enter For Guaranteed Clients 
by Alex Schlinsky, Prospects On Demand
How To Get On TV In Less Than 30 Days
by Heather De-Santis, Influencer Revolution
How To Grow A Facebook Group Without Adding People Yourself 
by Arne Giske, Millennial Entrepreneur
Members of The Christian Entrepreneur Academy are different from most you'll find online...
  •  If you want a community that stands with you while you fulfill your God-given purpose and function in your Spiritual Gifts in the Marketplace…
  •  If you are tired of snarky gurus looking down on you in hyper-competitive communities that are all chasing the mighty dollar and material goods…
  •  If you crave the connection, fellowship, guidance, a Biblical perspective, and a community of people you can feel safe with while you grow into the you God intends you to become…
Then we'll see you on the inside!
I'm so thankful for the people of faith and business who are standing in agreement with me & helping me see my biggest dreams come to life.

- Roxanne Oates
7 Frequently Asked Questions
Is my membership a one-time fee or billed monthly?
After your 7-day trial, your Academy Membership is billed $47 per month on the same day each month. Your membership will remain active until you choose to cancel.
How do I cancel if I'm not happy?
The first email you receive after enrolling will include a link you can use to cancel your membership at any time. You can also manage your account and billing information from inside the Academy. All we ask is that you tell us where we dropped the ball so we can continue to grow and build a business that serves you.
What happens once I sign up for my 7-day $1 trial?
You’re going to get full access to our entire training library, our private Facebook group, our pre-recorded & LIVE masterclasses, all of our courses, the live Q&A sessions, coaching calls, support, and complete access for the entire 7 days! There is nothing held back, limited, or reserved for “higher paying members” like you see with so many other programs.
Is my personal information private and secure?
Yes! 100%. We have invested heavily into security infrastructure that keeps your personal information secure. We will never sell, rent, or give access to your information to any person or company.
What if my business is a ministry?
As a Christian Entrepreneur, everything we do is ministry. Whether you're in the four walls of a church building or out in the marketplace, our goal is to help you stand in your purpose, do business with God, and function in the Kingdom. 
What if I have other questions?
We’re always happy to help you! Send our Legacy team an email at and we will respond as soon as possible!
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