You're Cut From A Different Cloth...
As a Christian Entrepreneur, for you it’s not just about luxury, or income, or freedom
(we already have that in Christ), but it's about…

Purpose. Legacy. Impact.

Something greater than what everyone else seems to be trying to achieve...

You’re driven by a unique mission: to create Kingdom-driven results and fulfill your God-given potential… in your life, your business, your relationships, and your communities…

You’re vision doesn’t stop with just being able to pay the bills, take the vacation, and fire the boss… You crave more…
  •  The wells to be dug...
  •  The schools to be built...
  •  The homeless to be sheltered (and employed)...
  •  The kids to be rescued...
  •  The hungry to be fed...
For you, it's not about having,
it's about giving...
And leaving this place having honored the time and resources God had given you to steward.

And you know, that in order to accomplish this, you’re going to need His grace and your grind… and a strong community that’s driven and focused on supporting you as you live out your calling.

You’re tired of trying to figure all this out on your own. You need proven strategies that are built to help you thrive (and not just survive or “get-by”).

You need a community that is ready to lock arms with you -- one that understands a rising tide lifts all boats -- and can help you see God’s perfect will become a reality in the imperfect world around them.
Whether you're a coach who loves to
encourage, challenge and empower your clients...

...or a consultant who loves to
provide the best answers to your clients greatest challenges...

...or a service - provider who loves to
give your clients extraordinary results & experiences...
You’re different, and what drives you is different.
Shouldn’t we learn differently, too? Shouldn’t our community be different?
  •  Instead of snarky gurus preaching what to think, what to say, what to feel, what to do…
  •  Instead of being shamed if you dare to pose a question they don’t know…
  •  Instead of being scared of doing it wrong and getting ridiculed by hyper-competitive sharks who are ready to pounce on you and do whatever it takes to make a quick buck…
  •  Instead of being told that material possessions are the path to happiness and how we’re not “hustling” if we don’t strive for the Lambo, Rolex, Coach purse, and McMansion...
  •  Instead of rehashed, outdated information being tossed around as gospel and being told you’re wrong when it doesn’t work for you…
We knew there had to be a better way.
What we want isn't what every entrepreneur wants.
Entrepreneurs in the Christian Entrepreneur Academy are different from most you’ll find online.

We’re tired of feeling like we needed to compare ourselves to other entrepreneurs, or that we would be judged for asking for support.

So we all decided to end the distractions and noise of what the world wants so we can focus on making the world a better place.

We’re dedicated to building a life around our God-given purpose, and living out something we call: The 90/10 Lifestyle.
Welcome To The 90/10 Life
We believe Christian Entrepreneurs should live lives so abundantly that they can thrive on 10% of their income -- while giving away 90% to their church, community and to causes they believe in.

This is the philosophy that the Christian Entrepreneur Academy has been founded on, and one of the biggest reasons our community has grown as quickly as it has.

Every day, entrepreneurs just like you are making a choice to fulfill God’s purpose and build a business that allows them to thrive.

They see the suffering in the world and want to do something about it.

Being able to live on 10% of their income while devoting 90% to ending suffering where they see it and helping more people fulfill the dreams God has put into their hearts is the foundation of the 90/10 Life.
I'm so thankful for the people of faith and business who are standing in agreement with me & helping me see my biggest dreams come to life.

- Roxanne Oates
Business Is More Than Profit
Every single entrepreneur inside of the Christian Entrepreneur Academy understands that we’re not meant to be driven by money. (This ain’t no “buy the holy-water, win a million dollars” prosperity gospel.)

Earning more money isn’t our calling -- being able to help more people by earning more money is what motivates us.

We know money solves problems in people’s lives and want to take our own unique abilities to help more people -- people that weren’t given those same abilities.
Your Path to Starting & Scaling A Thriving Business
Inside of The Christian Entrepreneur Academy, we’re giving you everything you need to fulfill your God-given purpose and tap into the potential to thrive in your business.
Every member in the academy agrees with the notion that in order for their business to change, YOU have to change first. So we're going to pray boldly for you, and challenge you to take consistent action. 
Brainstorm Sessions
Having trouble coming up with ideas for new offers, or new live-stream topics, or new marketing strategies? Not anymore! Hop into a brainstorm session where you can generate hundreds of new ideas for your business!
"Connect Hours"
Every month, we all hop on zoom and share our wins, discuss our challenges, answer your questions, and give you customized, personalized help. We have brand new entrepreneurs. We have entrepreneurs that have “been there” and seen it all. When they’re in the trenches with you, you never feel alone.
Templates & Scripts
The “creation” phase can be one of the most difficult to go through. We’ll give you the templates, scripts, workbooks, and master checklists to make it a breeze!
Core Trainings
200+ Step-by-step videos at your fingertips to help you land clients, grab attention, scale your business, and more!
Expert Classes
These classes are hosted by 6, 7, and 8-figure Christian entrepreneurs who have discovered God’s path and are ready to share their expertise with you.
On top of all that, here are just a few modules you can get instant access to today...
  •  Facebook Ad's: 11 Steps to Building a Profitable Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaign
  •  Making Irresistible Offers: Craft & Sell High-Ticket Items Worth $10,000 OR MORE
  •  Viral Content: Create Content That Gets Noticed & Drives HOT LEADS to your website
  •  Wealth Building: Build Wealth & Use It To Create Kingdom-Impact...
  •  Facebook Groups: Start & Scale A Facebook Group Without Annoying Your Friends & Family...
  •  Breaking Free For Good: Instantly Destroy Limiting Beliefs, Bad Habits & Negative Mindsets
  •  The Deep Dive: How To Know Your Audience Better Than Their Momma's
  •  Product Launches:  Launch Successful Products, Programs, or Services...
*We're always adding NEW courses based on our members specific challenges - so you get exactly what you need!
Each course is worth between $797 and $1,497 when sold on their own.*
Meet The Experts Guiding Your Way
Live Masterclass Sessions hosted by experts in their industry gives you access to their vast real-world experience. Don’t worry about missing out, these are always recorded and stored for you to view in the Academy Library so you can listen at your leisure and implement immediately!
Wealth Building Using Proven Biblical Principles
by Jaime Cross, MIG Soap 
How To Land A TV Feature In Less Than 30 Days
by Heather De-Santis, Influencer Revolution
Build Profitable FB Ad Campaigns From Day 1  
by Daniel Veiga, Entrepreneur Hustle
10 Best Markets To Enter For Guaranteed Clients 
by Alex Schlinsky, Prospects On Demand
How To Tell Your Unmistakable Story & Grab Attention Now 
by Joel Capperella, Capperella Media
How To Grow A Facebook Group Without Adding People Yourself 
by Arne Giske, Millennial Entrepreneur
How To ENJOY Your Marriage As An Entrepreneur 
by Justin & Danielle, Legendary Marriage
How to have THOUSANDS of LIVE viewers on your Streams  
by Molly Mahoney, The Prepared Performer
How to use Video to Generate Leads and Get Wildly Known
by Marley Baird, Marley Baird Media
How To Brand Yourself Like An A-List Influencer 
by Mike Young, Your Branding Spot
We Invite You To Lock Arms With Us
  •  If you want a community that stands with you while you fulfill your God-given purpose that’s backed by real-world results and experience…
  •  If you are tired of snarky gurus looking down on you in hyper-competitive communities that are all chasing the mighty dollar and material goods…
  •  If you crave the emotional connection, fellowship, guidance, a Biblical perspective, and a community of people you can feel safe with while you grow into the you God intends you to become…
We invite you to lock arms with us and move forward together.
The Time To Start & Scale
Your 90/10 Life Is Now!
For only $1, you can get instant access to the entire Christian Entrepreneur Academy for a full 7-days.

We’ve heard from students just like you and know what is possible when they see exactly what the Christian Entrepreneur Academy really is. Our mission is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible so we’re making it as accessible as possible.

Click below to take advantage of this amazing offer and see why our paths were meant to cross the way they have. We’re looking forward to connecting with you.
7 Frequently Asked Questions
#1 - Is my membership a one-time fee or billed monthly?
After your 7-day trial, the Christian Entrepreneur Academy is billed $47 per month on the same day each month. Your membership will remain active until you choose to cancel.
#2 - How do I cancel if I'm not happy?
Once you’re enrolled we will send you an email with a link that you can use to cancel your membership at any time. All we ask is that you tell us where we dropped the ball so we can continue to fulfill our God-given potential.
#3 - What happens once I sign up for my 7-day $1 trial?
You’re going to get full access to our entire training library, our private Facebook group, our pre-recorded masterclasses, all of our courses, the live Q&A sessions, coaching calls, support, and more. We’re giving you our all for an entire 7 days, for only $1! There is nothing held back, limited, or reserved for “higher paying members” like you see with so many other programs.
#4 - What happens on Day 8, the day after my trial ends?
Once your trial ends, if you have realized the power of the Christian Entrepreneur Academy and chosen to stay enrolled, we will send you a physical copy of Online Wealth for the Christian Entrepreneur. We’ll also include a big box of goodies to help welcome you into our family!
#5 - Is my personal information private and secure?
Yes! 100%. We have invested heavily into infrastructure that keeps your personal information secure. We will never sell, rent, or give access to your information to any person or company.
#6 - What if my business is a ministry?
Whether you are a for-profit entity, or a non-profit ministry, the courses inside of the Christian Entrepreneur Academy can be applied to your entire model. You’ll gain access to our community and we’ll give you the support to help you reach your goals faster.
#7 - What if I have other questions?
We’re always happy to help you! Send us an email to and we will get back to you as soon as we can!
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